Monday, June 1, 2009

I have never been much of a writer. As a matter of fact, I am truly not one. So me starting a blog page is pretty ridiculous. I have a wife who is brilliant writer and many other friends who have the gift as well. But all that to say, I love the idea of having a way of communicating my passions and concerns to the world. So here we go! Number 1 Michael O Blog!

I just recently returned from the wonderful world of Disney. The "Wonderful" part is debatable. What is so wonderful about standing in lines for hours to experience a 1 to 2 minute ride? What is so wonderful in paying 8 dollars for a hot dog and 7 dollars for a funnel cake? (Recovery is Hell) What is so wonderful about getting to the park early, like everyone else, and then heading to the ride you hope that no one else wants to ride, but then come realize they are all headed to the same place? So with all due respect to Mickey, "Wonderful" does not come to mind when I think of Disney! Crazy does! The Crazy World of Disney! But I digress!

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves though. Wasn't that the point of all of this hassle? But, when you spend the kind of money that I did over those 5 days, I begin to question the worth of it all. Was it really money well spent? My kids wouldn't hesitate by a resounding Yes! I am almost sure of it. But personally, I have some regrets about it. The kind of regret like when we go overboard at Christmas time with the presents. There comes a point when it's just too much. What am I teaching my kids with these kinds of indulgences? Most of my friends would say to chill about it. It's no big deal. You are making memories with your kids. They may be right in one way. In the grand scheme of things, it was  a very short trip and something we don't do very often. Also Christmas is once a year. But my children are spoiled. Yes spoiled! We are within the top 3 percent of the world in the way we live our lives. Yes! 3 Percent!! But even saying that, I sound like a kill joy. 

The reality is, You can't escape and have any fun with someone who is always talking about the less fortunate. Imagine you riding a roller coaster but right before you go down the first dip, someone next to you says in a monotone voice, "You know, there are kids who are starving in Africa". Wow! What a party pooper! Doens't sound like much fun!

Honestly, balancing it all is a real life challenge. I just have to trust God that he is moving in my life. I do believe this! I think whenever we try to get something from the world, we are going to eventually find out is does not truly fill our needs. The flesh is weak! Nothing truly satisfies. My kids want the next greatest game or ipod, or I touch. But after a few weeks, it gets old, and they are on to the next best thing. This is the cycle of our world. Only Jesus Satisfies! Only Jesus! 


  1. Day #1, I'd say is a complete success. Good-luck communicating your heart here. Can't wait to read what God is putting on your heart! Miss you guys!

  2. i got here from sandi's blog. and i would question your opinion of yourself as a writer. good words! and btw, funnel cakes are pretty wonderful..i'd probably pay too much for a good one, too. =)